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The Hurt Issue 2: It Sucks Until it Doesn’t 

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The Hurt is a (mostly) weekly column related to performance, mindset, health or something to motivate you to put the hurt on whoever needs it, including you. If you need a kick in the backside or just a little extra pick me up then The Hurt has got your back.

Getting up at 5:30am to go to the gym sucks.

It sucks even more in the winter.

And only slightly less in the summer.

But over time it sucks less and less.

Until one day you can’t imagine not getting up at 5:30am to go to the gym.

And that’s how it is with most things.

When you first start anything you have to overcome the inertia to begin.

And for a while it will be tough.

Maybe even a long while.

But the more you keep doing it the easier it gets.

And this is proven in neuroscience.

There is an area of the brain called the anterior midcingulate cortex.

Which has been associated with willpower.

Studies have found that in obese people it tends to be small and less developed.

Whereas in athletes it tends to be thick and well developed.

The good news is that you can influence its development.

The bad news is that the way to do it is to do the things that you don’t want to do. 

So when you go to set your alarm for an early start.

Or force yourself to perform whatever task or activity you’ve been putting off.

At least you now know that as long as you persevere it will suck until it doesn’t.

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